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Roland Gasparyan, Armenian musician, founder and leader of “Reincarnation”. Roland was born on June 12, 1986, in Yerevan. In 2000, he graduated from School N 40 after H.Shavarshyan in Yerevan. After attending courses of acoustic guitar, he founded “Reincarnation”, a punk-rock group which later changed to reggae style. Roland composes music and is the vocalist of the group.

Reincarnation Orchestra
The music group was formed in 2001. During these years the group has changed different styles. It was the first reggae band in Armenia.

Genres 2001-2007 – Rock
2007-2016 – Reggae
At present- World, Folk-Fusion

Ser (Love) (single) (released on June 1, 2011. The author of lyrics and music is Roland Gasparyan. The producer of the video is Artyom Ayvazyan.
Lusabats (Dawn) (single) (released on May 3, 2016. The author of lyrics and music is Roland Gasparyan.

“Reincarnation” is an Armenian Reggae Band, the initiator of which is Roland Gasparyan, the irreplaceable soloist of the group. During these years the style and the musicians of the group have been changed, due to the experimental ideas and lifestyle of soloist Roland Gasparyan. In 2007 “Reincarnation” recorded the album “From Janfida to Jamaica 60 km”. It was the first album of mixed reggae and ska styles. In 2007, they shot the video of the song “Jan Rastaman”. The style of the group is very unique. It is a unique blend of Armenian and African styles. Since 2006, “Reincarnation” has actively participated in concerts. In 2009, the band became more popular, as the group recorded the soundtrack of the film “Taxi Eli Lav a”. The group is in great demand not only in Armenia, but also in different countries of the world. They are getting many invitations as they provide the audience with high mood, positive and great emotions. People of different age, particularly 15-35, enjoy their music. In 2010 the group released the album “Mi Gdal Ser” (A Spoon of Love), with the single “Mi Gdal Ser” which became a hit. In addition to many festivals and hundreds of concerts in the Armenian clubs, Roland Gasparyan is also involved in charity activities which carry out various projects to help orphans. As Roland Gasparyan says, the members of the group should always be changed as he likes working with different musicians. On June 7, the group presented the first DVD in one of the clubs of Yerevan. The DVD includes a documentary about the concert tours of the group, as well as the recording of the concert. The group has participated in a number of concerts and has taken part in festivals in different regions of Armenia as well as in Serbia, Poland, France, USA and in many other countries. In 2015 Roland Gasparyan opened “The House of Reincarnation” Club where the group often has concerts. In 2015 Roland Gasparyan created a mobile application which was the first in Armenia. The application is designed for phones with Android and IOS operating systems.With the help of this application, fans can get news about the group, listen to their new songs, watch their videos, get information about upcoming concerts and events, as well as watch live concerts of the band.

2005 “Anoren” (Profane)
2007 From Janfida to Jamaica 60 km
2010 Mi gdal ser (One Spoon of Love)
2011 Ser (Love) (Single)
2013 Agh u Hac (Salt and Bread)
2014 Spitak (White)
2016 “H2O”

All the albums in the internet are relevant for free download

2007 Jan rastaman
2009 Paterazmner (Wars)
2009 Eli lav a
2010 Mi gdal ser
2010 Yere-One
2010 Sirunik es
2011 Ser (Love)
2012 Yar ari
2012 Ashkharhums imn dun is
2013 Agh u hac (Salt and Bread)
2013 Yerevan
2014 Sirum em qez (Love you)
2014 Qo achqerum (In Your Eyes)
2015 Sirus kspasem
2015 Tarm tsaghikner (Fresh flowers)
2016 Ov sirun-sirun
2016 Lusabats (Dawn)
2016 Aveli lav a
2016 Verj
2017 Hayreniqis jury
2017 Hogun
2018 Na mi naz uni

2008  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia – Best Song “Eli Lav a”
2009  Armenian Music Contest, Glendale, USA – Best Alternative Album “Mi Gdal Ser” (A Spoon of Love)
2009  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia – Best Soundtrack of Radio “Van”
2009  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia, Best Hit of the Year
2010  Tashir 2010 Moscow, Russia – Best Hit “Eli Lav A”
2010  Top 10 2010 AMA Yerevan, Armenia – Best Music Video, “Mi Gdal Ser”
2010  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia – Best Hit, “Mi Gdal Ser”
2011  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia – Best Hit, “Ser” (Love)
2012  “Sayat-Nova”, Armenian Music Award, AMA 2012 Moscow, Russia – Best Hit of the Year, “Ashkharhums imn dun is” 2012  Radio “Van” Yerevan, Armenia – Best Group and Best Hit
2012  Armenian Music Awards, Moscow, Russia – Best Group of the Year and Best Hit
2013  “Van” Music Award, Yerevan, Armenia - Best Group
2014  "Century 21" TV Music Awards, Yerevan, Armenia – Best Group of the Year
2015  “Van” Music Awards, Yerevan, Armenia – Special Prize
2016  Armenian Europe Music Awards Paris, France - Best alternative singer
2017  “Akademia” Music Awards, Los Angeles, California- Best Reggae Song for "Ashkharums Imn Dunis"
2017  “Van” Music Awards, Yerevan, Armenia

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